Little Peach Portraits




HELLO. I’m Pia. 

I’m a Creative, Founder of Burnt Peach Designs, and Mum of two little boys. Watching them grow up so quickly and change everyday, I wanted to capture their characters as they are now. I have many beautiful photos of the boys, but was looking for something more impactful and unique to display in our home.  I searched for the perfect wall art, but nothing was right, or within our budget.

So I went about trying to create something a bit different and that’s how Little Peach Portraits was born.

I was able to capture my boys’ individual characters, from their sticky up hair, button noses, and chubby cheeks. All the little traits, that make them so unique and charming to me.

Since then, friends and family have asked for their own Little Peach Portraits- of their kids, wives, brothers, even their dogs!

So I decided to make them available to everyone who is looking to create memories of their loved ones, in a slightly different way.

Just like a fingerprint, no two Little Peach Portraits are ever the same.