For me, there’s no better sound than my two boys laughing and playing together (when they’re not squabbling over who get’s to press the button on the lift or who’s stick it was in the first place). I cherish their little fantasy games and their bear-cub rough and tumble. I know they're creating memories to treasure for a lifetime and it fills me with immense joy and pride.

Sadly not all children are lucky enough to have freedom and security to just be kids. Some have the weight of the world on their shoulders. I set up Little Peach Portraits to try and capture the joy of childhood and it’s going well. Which is why I’ve decided to partner with Honeypot Children’s charity to support the incredible work they do to give young carers the chance to be children.

Since 1996 Honeypot has been working to enhance the lives of young carers aged 5-12 years who take on an adult surrogate role at home. They provide respite breaks and on-going outreach support. They give young carers a break from demanding and stressful responsibilities at home and provide a safe, nurturing environment where children at risk can develop their full potential. Their vision is for every child to be able to make the most of their one chance at childhood. This is why £5 from every portrait order is donated to the charity, to help give these children the childhood they deserve.

So when you buy a Little Peach Portrait, you are also helping to support a young carer and give them a chance to make the most of their precious childhood. That’s priceless.

If you'd like to find out more about this amazing charity and the work they do then click here