Little Peach Portraits


Capturing your favourite persons profile

Meet Ruby and Ned, my gorgeous little models, here to help me give you a few pointers on taking the perfect shot. Follow these tips, and it should be easy! Please make sure that you are happy with the photo that you send me, as the silhouette, with all its little details, is taken directly from this photo.

  •  If your little one struggles to sit still, then a good tip is to take their picture whilst they are watching TV - this can avoid blurring, or a strange angle!
  • As much as possible, make sure the head is looking straight forward and that the chin is slightly raised (If they are looking down to the floor, you might get a few extra chins!)
  • Don’t worry about smoothing away stray hairs, as they are often unique and can add charm I find. But if hair is long, it can often look more flattering in a silhouette if it is tied up and off the neck and shoulders. 
  • Try and make sure that the background is as plan as possible (ideally a plain wall or sofa).  No need to worry too much, as long as I can see detail around the profile.
  • And camera phone photos are perfectly fine, just as long as you send them in the highest resolution possible!
Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 18.54.02.png